Pandora IRC-8

Pandora is an intelligent and flexible GSM-based control unit designed to control and monitor electronic devices in various environments such as houses, offices and industrial factories. Hardware-Software re-configurability of Pandora based on the customer request makes it distinguished from the similar products in the market. In addition, Pandora family GSM-based control units include a smart power management unit which improves the standby time of these devices significantly.

More Powerful than IRC-4

Output controls to 5 different ways

Using SMS
Uning Phone Call
Using Timers
Using Digital Inputs
Using Sensors

Comprehensive Reporting System

Outputs' Position Report
Inputs' Position Report
General Report
Timers' Operation Report
SIMcard Credit Report

Diffetern Operation Modes for Outputs

Pandora SMS controllers series support 2 types of operation modes for the embedded outputs; Switch and Pulse. This option makes Pandora more efficient than other exisiting similar product in the market to work in differnt situation.

Diffetern Operation Modes for Timers

Another distinguished cabailities of Pandora is supporting 2 differnt mode for each emebeded timers in the system; Manual and Automatic. In the Manula mode a timer operated between two specifc set points (i.e. start and stop time). In the Autimatic mode timer can be trigger by sending an SMS or Voice call and will be terminated after a predefined time period.


Power and Battery

Power Supply: 220V
An embedded chargable battery with the capacity of operation up to 10 hours
An embedded inteligent internal charger

Body Details

Body Material: anodized aluminum
Body Color : Black

Hardware Specification

8 Output Relays (220V - 7A)
8 Digital Inputs
15 Programmable Timers
4 Analogue to Digital Convertor (10-bit ADC) optimised for 4-20 mA standard sensors
internal temprature sensor
Supporting all the SIMcards


Monitoring and reporting the power suppply status in the mission-critical applicaitons

Servers, Aquarium, Green Houses etc.

Control and monitoring of electronic devices

Samrt homes, Computers, Security systems, Air conditioners, Water pumps etc.

Environmental Control Systems

Water level control, Temperature control, Fire alarms etc.

Security Systems

Motion detections alarms, Home security etc.